Women's Network Prayer Retreat

The SK District Women's Network Prayer Retreat has been held every year at Living Waters Camp. Fresh leaders are needed to have this ministry continue. Contact District Ministries for more information.

Women's Network Bible Studies

There are several studies available, written by Donna Drisner, for use in your women's groups. Please see files attached below to download and print. If you do not have the ability to do this at your location, contact the District office to request copies.

Women's Network Speakers

Here is a list of women available to speak at your women's events.

Debbie brings an array of experiences and life lessons to any speaking engagement. From living overseas, to being a widow, adopting an orphan, challenging us to be missional local and globally would be natural speaking points for Deb. Deb has travelled the world and back again with multiple experiences in both the Asia and Middle East. If you are looking for a women’s speaker or a missions speaker, feel free to connect with Deb (through the District office) as she would love to encourage your church!

Donna Drisner -- Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Donna considers herself an adopted prairie girl. A Bible college graduate, former banker and preschool teacher, she now is now an ordained Pentecostal minister, and loves serving with her husband John at The Neighbourhood Church in Saskatoon. Donna's passion is to be a servant leader. A seasoned Bible teacher, workshop leader, mother and grandmother with an ability to see the funny side of life, Donna loves helping women become all that God has made them to be - the complete package...better women, better wives, better moms, better friends.

Carmen Kampman - Besides being a wife and mother of six, Carmen is the Founder of LEAD Women Ministries, and a licensed Associate Pastor at Westside Pentecostal Church in Saskatoon.  Her life purpose: to live out her God-given identity and to help others find theirs. Please visit her website www.carmenkampman.com to learn more about her.

Laurie Mennie - Laurie is a wife, mother and grandmother. She has a great passion for women who are hurting, and a desire is to help them come to healing and reach their potential in God. She does this by sharing how God has led her own life story. Please communicate with the District office for Laurie's contact information.

Ruth Phillips - Ruth Phillips was born and raised in northern Ontario. She came to Saskatchewan as a youth pastor in the fall of 2010 and married Jason Phillips a year later. A young, tender-hearted preacher and teacher, her delivery of God's Word through love challenges the believer to produce life-changing results. Ruth is very excited about sharing how much God has loved her and been there for her in life, through losses and trials she has faced. She also loves teaching people of all ages, so that they learn to better understand the Word of God.